Artist Statement

The ordinary elements in my jewelry evoke an emotion, a thought, a memory, or an idea. Text, whether poetic, romantic, or inspirational is an important part of my work.

I invite the wearer to fiddle with, look at closely, peer into the front, sides and back of the piece. They are for inspiration, consolation, stimulation, remembrance, comfort, and enjoyment.

When a common object is placed in a world of its own, away from its customary environment, there is a mystery about it that we sense for the first time, or feel in a new way.

I have come to the conclusion, there is nothing ordinary in our world or ordinary about our lives. It is only our perception. It is our consciousness that is dulled by routine and overload.

I want to awaken the observer to notice and to consider the fragility, strength, mystery, and beauty that lies concealed and disguised in the familiar objects all around us.

MFA 2001 (Jewelry/Metalwork)
Northern Illinois University

BFA 1998
Northern Illinois University

Penland School of Crafts
2000 Workshop

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts
1999 Workshop

Member of SNAG: Society of North American Goldsmiths

American Craft Council Member